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3 it's our free-bru-aryygiieawaa! we'rr ggving away 100- dollars an hour. hour. 3 óóóóóó you have 300minntes oo -33 call s at the number on your screen. screee.iffyou don't caal in.. next hour for sommone elseett in! &pwin!to ggt your namee 3 in the box.. go o faceeook &pddt com slashhfoxbaltimorr and ffll out the ccn also 3 contest rules. 3 ,3
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3 33 3
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3 3aagrim report forecasting -3 baltiiore'ssfinannial stability is leaked....and it doess't looo good. good.megan illiland is here withhmore on where thiss information is coming from and what ittmeans ffr you. 3 good morning guysthe ews was -& expecttd to be released to the public at odaa's ccty council peeting.but it as just llaked..- leaked.according the the a--... a report by philadelphha-bassd... public & financial management baltimore will acccmulate $745 - millionndollarr in bbdggt -3&pdefiicts over thh next
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and expenditures.if yyu add in -&pthe city's infraatrrcture needs nd alss it's liability ffr retiree health care - benefitss.. he tttal ssorttall reaches $2-billion ddllars ooer 10 yyars.the report goes on to say hat & baltimore's city overnment must enact major reforms to aaoid bankruptcy. -33 3 experts saa ttere'' a few &&ppeason'sswhy this is happpning. the city's populatton dropped... from a peak of 950- thouuand back in 1990 too619- & thoosand people toddy.thousand people todaa.alss according too census data... 22 percent of phe citt's reeidents are piving innppverty.we've -3 already felt the affects of this may remember we ealt with a major eficit in 20--1... citt government closed itt y enacting someenew taxes..- 3 buu right now... baltiiore has maaylannd.. and he highest local inncme ax allooed under state officcals have
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alreadd said they can'' tax their way outtof the problem without driiinn away resideets pnd businesses.we'll be inside today's city council meettig mayor is respondinggi'm megan gilliland fox44 morning news. sporrs fans around the baltimore treats its championn. an estimated 2000 housaan fans packed, and thenn to catth a ggimpse offthe champs. chaaps. and a final dance from ray lewisshimself. &p joel d. smmth is live t m&t bank stadiim with a runddwn of the hilights, nd allo the challenges of hosting an event offthis magnitude on 33 (aa lib))
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3 it was tough ann rough insidee here for some fans as the gatts werr for ome ffns as for some fans assthe gates closed, nn thennssme weer - climbing these fences toostill get in. the ccowd was -3 massive. but moot faas weere hharing from felt like free... they ad ticketssto 3 "2 ickets to paradise"inside -3& actuully eveey seat. to watcc the parade, then meet because it was packedd y the time they got heee! lewis ne moree time on the field, ann he dddn'ttthe fans eating up every word.-3 3 3
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3 -3 3 (sot rayylewws)2 12 7 baltimore. the best oww in the worlddis right here. thee best town in he ,3 world is right herr. (cheers) right hhre (cheers).2839 3 the win... i missed it ast tiie, i got fired to be here. 3 (ad lib)) 3 live at m&t bank stadium,, smitt, fox 455morninn nws.
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3 eeerryhing avenn--elated iss - innhhgh demmnd following the teamms super bool win... and 3 increased rrvenne for baltimore. paltimore. researrherss that the super boow can havv -3 on a city..hey found that a -& championnhip... ggnerates 10- dollars for veey househooddin the wwnning city. it's likely due to increased morale... in productivity. 3 3 "this success carries over intt a great ,3 ddal of joy and eoole who have that outlook spend morr moneyyand takeemooe risks and they produce more goods and ssrvices.""- servvces."researchers also found ttat thhrees no measurable eccnooic impact on
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theecity that loses theesuper bool or the city that hosts the suppr bowl..- aa explosion rattles homes and maasachusetts nniggborhood. neighborhood.itthappened tuesday... at an aato parts &ssop.luckily... o one was's unclear attttis point... what caussd the blastt 3 p legal troublls are loominn... over chris rownn ályingá about 180-hours of community serviceehe wwss p209 assault agganst &&pwas filee....reqqeeting thha - brown restart he community service in caaiforniaa.. instead of his home state off to consider the mooion today. 3 a quiet afternoon on the 3 frightening exxeriince one groop wwll never forget.the shore of hawaii... when -& suddenly humpback hall 3& bumpssintootheii canoe.the
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panoers say the whale did nnt appear to be injured as it swam ooff 3 ccming uu on the eaaly ediiion... soccallmedia ws &pbuzzing duringgravens' paraaee 3 you'll et a chanceeot meet balttmore's bees iista-grammer. p,3- 3 ((break 1)) 3& ((bump n))
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this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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3 ((traffic reporter d libb)) &p 3 3& map liberty 40 map 395 add
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pap liberty 44 map 395 3 3 3 &p
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3& cominggup....instagrammers - were uite busy on super boww suuday. sunday. paltimorr's best instagrammer 3 and... super bowll waiitng for some ig bucks. who the raaenssccuudd lose if they have to franchise their quarterback. 3 ((break 2))
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,3-&&p3 sociaa media overed all angles of yesteday'' 3 iistagram as highlighted by the thousands of ppotos ppssed on the popullr hoot- sharing app. paul eesler itroducee insta--grammer,.. josh &pflynn... and... his favorite -3 subject.. 3 (open: outside home)if life ss @@lynnfinity:""eople frequently refer to baatimore wwites his story with an ippone.josh fllnn, -3 @flynnfinity:"i've always been kind of lownnaway by the -3 serenityyand the calm of the -3 morning walk alonn the canton 33 waterfrontt..josh coont): -3 "there's a lot of egative spaae beeween the waaer and the flynn, - @flynnfinity:"it's
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kiida llke, 'oh, you're amous on instaaram... oh, yeaa. whatever.' "joshhsssttry is prrtty normal.he's a 20- a hhmmden webbdesign company. josh flynn, @flynnfinity:"my screenname 3 across all social eeia 33& flynnfinnty, though...alex - prodey, @amprodde: "flynnfinitt."he's different. 3 josh fllnn, @@llnnfiniiy: "thhreehaveebeen inntances 3 me out on the street, likee 'oh, are you flynnfinity?' "he recently wwn a blogging award - as baltimooe's "best josh: - "alright, c'mon!! (bailey jumppng out of ar) @amprodey:"it's friend and their baltimore."flynnfinity's - best invvlves bailey..osh -&pflynn, @flynnfinity: &&precognizinn my dog oo the street just based on the pnteennt."bryannfllnn, -3& one eaa that flaps down..josh - flynn, @flynnfinity:"we were walking around. harbor eass. i saw this cool briik wall.."the sseies is hashtaaged... that's &pa way to ssarcc... "bailey - straight chillin'""the seven- 3 he wwndow sills. ...on the vet..- josh: "stay, ok!?" backs wwy from baileyy
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and, today, at patterson park. jjshhflynn, @ffynnfinity: "he'll do this thing where he kicks his leg oot. he kknda tilts his head. ii on't know--he'sskind of straight -3 chillin'.""ryaa flynn, -3 brothhr, @bfleezee:"i feel theee arr certtin jokke bailey llkes, i feel."bailey and global.josh lynnn i've been interacting with lately is from south ,3 korea."theecomppny-- noo owned py facebooo-- says they have 90 million active users..osh 3&phaa kind of exploded and now it's kind of thii worrdwidd yoor fingertips, instagraamers posted thousands of pictuues sunday from the superddme.josh tap into what's going on at thhee oo an instantaneouus &plevel like that."you didn't pave to be therr to experience the ravens' highs, he niners' lows... aad the fans' fashioo choiies.josh ffynn, & @flynnfinity:"everyyody sses -3 the city in a certain way and & a different way aad insttgram pallows people to howcass howw they see their city."joss showwases baltimore-- not just pailly.josh flynn, & @flynnfinitt:"your photos peoppl are not sseing with pheir naked eye."the ttwwon phottgraphy class.joe willon, boss, @jooakabloo:"i think it really opens up photography to a lot more people who woulddbe iitiiidated by slrs and ilm." phone... and uses asic apps tooedit 3 his icturee.josh ffynn,
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3 interesttng perspective on things."as iinterviewed him - and his brother, i was "instaarammed"...josh fllyn, - @flyynfinity:(laughter)in real time!josh llnn, @flynnffniiy: "ittiss it's kind of addicting, though."((series oo explaining two orrthree phhtos & he has taken))flynnfiniiy has -3 more thhn 2,000 ollowwrs. ((explaining another photo)) althoogg, hh says those (nats: back to patterson parr) joshh "it looks ike he ffund a stick.. (lauuhher)back aa -3 patterson park, bailey may nnt & know hoo big of a prodey, @amprrdey:"it reaaly is, kind of, yyur partnnr in liie. anyone who has a dog woulddssy that."he's happy &pwitt a stick aan a friend.josh flynn, @flynnffnity:"it just -3 kiidaacauggt on--andd peoplee seem to like it."what bettee way to end this book.. than -3 withhmy own instaggam.. call & it, 'bailey straight fetchin' &pjosh lynn,,@flynnfinity: (laughttr)gessler, fox45 news 3 3 we arr still waitingg for terrance tillert to step -3 forwwrd and collect hiss100-
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p3p he has only about p0 minuues... or the freebruarr prize will roll 200- & thousand fans celeeraae with the ravens... hearrwhat ray lewis and joe -3 flaaco had tt say fter - receivinn a hero's wwlcome back hooe. 3 back home.hero's wellomm after 3& heer what ray say after receiving a hero's welcome ♪ ♪ the freshenator. the buddy system. the do si go. the two-handed tango. el cleaño. [ female announcer ] nothing leaves you feeling cleaner
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and fresher than the cottonelle care routine. try it. then name it.
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3 -3 3 3 ((break 3)) & p'clock hour... -3 3 coming up in ourr6 3 3 ((bbrak 3))
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coming uppin our 6 ooclocc pouu... 3 "anchorman 2" -3 ii just rooling alonn. 3&p 7
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3 leaked on baltimmre'' -3 financial future.what it sayy 33 "i jjsstcannttbeliive i got dispended." dispended."ann... why a seven pyear old wa

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